Felicity Kitson

I love telling stories for the greater good. For the last five years I have worked in the fundraising sector, crafting copy to save koala forests, buy hospital equipment for sick kids and bring safe water to disadvantaged communities. I'm so grateful to have found this niche where when I can use my writing skills to make a difference. 

I've also spun words and ideas for many other sectors, including tourism, health and finance.  I write with clarity, impact and authenticity, whether you want a seductive travel piece or hard-hitting digital activism. I'm a word nerd, who won’t rest until I’ve nailed just the right style and rhythm for your brand, message and medium.

Digital two-step campaign

I wrote all the social media for this incredibly successful campaign for Action for Dolphins. Its aim was to make the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) stop endorsing aquariums involved in the bloody Taiji dolphin hunts. On top of more than 80,000 petition signatures and 40,000 new email subscribers, the campaign won massive engagement on social media and led to WAZA suspending members who were buying Taiji dolphins.